A score of 12 was not bad at all!!!

Circa : The 20th of September of 2008.

The Mumbai elims of the TATA Crucible 2008 started at about 4 pm and much to my and Rajit’s surprise, we both did well by scoring 12 of 25. Well, we did not make it to the next round. But the experience was extremely rewarding in that we scored beyond our expectations.


While the test started I heard Rajit saying often, ‘……..we must atleast have an “off the mark” score…’ On knowing the answer to the thirteenth question [ which was on the lately concluded Beijing Olympics], he exclaimed , ‘ ……I am sure on this one…we are surely not getting a zero…’. At that moment , both of us did not realize that many of our answers written earlier were correct too.

When the quizmaster Giri aka ‘Pickbrain’ read out the answers post assessment, there were many moments of delight to the two of us. The count of right answers started from the very first answer. The second one, too, turned out to be correct. The count of correct answers for us rose…3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. There it stopped.

The qualifiers were announced. We were not in the list. But that did not disappoint us. It would have been serendipitous had we qualified, but , nevertheless, it was a reality check  for both of us that we did manage to know the business facts that form the subject of ‘TATA Crucible’ – India’s toughest Business Quiz.




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