Taking long to lecova

Man proposes; God disposes!

I always wanted to take to playing Cricket again. And I did too- with Ashgrove Cricket club in Brisbane. However,during the second session of fielding practice, the whole 84 kgs ( correct up to May 2011 ) of my body landed on my right wrist, bending it backwards beyond normal limits.

Result – Ligaments stretched and strained.

I felt numbness in my right wrist for the rest of the session but still continued to bowl for nearly 45 good minutes and enjoyed every bowl I bowled! I returned home after practise, took bath and had a siesta. That evening I struggled to wear my full pants. I could not even reach out to my right-side back pocket wallet. Not to mention my creative but painful dexterity with toilet paper. But I came out clean, each time.

When my Chinese landlord Shuli came home for inspection the next afternoon, Shobha informed her of my injury. ” Chinese medicine says such an injuly will take thlee months to lecova fully” said Shuli in her distinctive chinese tone and disappeared.

Been over a month now. Gotten much better. Toilet paper is easy. Wallet is easy. Wearing pants is easy too. But I can still feel the pain when I subject my wrist to mechanical shocks!  I think Shuli was right. It will take thlee months to fully lecova.

Summer season begins on 17th September, which is this Saturday. I will miss playing cricket.


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