An Open Kitchen

The best guarantee of good and  hygienically  prepared food that a restaurant can offer to its patrons is an open kitchen – the one where patrons can see what and how the chef is cooking.

Shobha and I just returned from Vapiano on Albert lane. The food was delicious – her Pomodro E Spinaci, a pasta so tomatoish and abundantly showered with baby spinach and my traditional, safe bet choice of Margherita Pizza went into us just as fast they were cooked. Loved the experience of watching the chef cooking our orders! As I watched, the sentences of the opening para crossed my mind and made me hungrier than I was before entering the doors of Vapiano. At the dining tables, there were potted herbs – perhaps Basil. Another one of my favourite among greens.

We concluded our dinner with dolci – death by chocolate. Not so impressive. But no regrets;I’d have never turned to Italian cuisine for dolci anyway. The Ps are just enough to keep the glutton in me active.

“We will come here again”, I told Shobha as we left Vapiano after paying the bill.


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