6 balls and that was it…..

So, I wanted to play today evening.So I did. Left early from work. Got a change at home and rushed to stop 67 at Queen st approaching Ann St.

Bus wait : 15 minutes

Bus journey to Finsbury park where nets were : 20 minutes

Locate park in a quiet dark Brisbane suburb with every second household having a ‘Beware of dangerous dog’ board : 10 minutes

Play Cricket : Just 8 minutes.

After reaching the nets, I gathered one of the balls and began bowling to Matt who was batting then.By the time I bowled 6 balls the club called it a day since other players had started as early as 5pm and I reached only at 7:10pm. Now that wasn’t the best thing to have happened after the long wait I endured for my wrist to heal. Recovering from wrist pain  is waiting game. I wanted to see if I had recovered from it. The six balls I got to bowl at Matt weren’t my best; I could have been better with improved line and length!

Nevertheless, I am determined to make it to the nets next Wednesday and then to play the second test for Ashgrove.

One of the Test matches for Ashgrove
One of the Test matches for Ashgrove

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