My employer would very soon compete with Indian Railways or the Chinese Army – in terms of head count. I started working for Tata Consultancy Services.  straight after graduating in  Electronics and Telecommunications engineering from the Mumbai University.

I love to read non-fiction and hear English ballads, classics and pop songs of eighties and  nineties.I admit I am  completey divorced from hard “Rock”.

I follow the  “Learn to do something by doing it” principle of learning.

I am spritual, but not religious and not ritualistic either.So long as there is  goodness for the humble and honest and every one good-intentioned  in an idealogy, so long is that idealogy worth following and living by.

I am a technocrat but have kept form being agnostic or atheist. My Mother and the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi have helped me have immense faith in the Almighty and to respect the might of a principle called “Truthfulness”.

If my wife discovers my blog and reads this piece, she will wonder why I haven’t mentioned about her yet. My wife is so dear and special to me that a blog is too unimportant and frivolous a place to write about her. Through my everyday words, I express to her the unspoken words of love; through my eyes I express to her the unseen vision of a life together!I need no blog to tell her what I think of her!

I blog mixed-bag – almost everything that crosses my mind; I write in my diary with hand or I type it out in here – whichever way is most accessible at a given moment. Its not so much the pleasure of having it all in one place that matters to me as much as having priceless thoughts penned down and caught in the moment they germinate in my mind.


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